Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Long Beach Party Bus Company

Whether you’re hiring a party bus for your wedding guests or simply planning a long weekend out of town, you need to make the right choice. Here are some of the questions to ask before hiring a Long Beach party bus service.

• Is alcohol allowed on the bus? Most party buses in Long Beach have the required permits for alcohol consumption on board. However, there might be varying laws depending on the state you’re in. However, the rental company might have separate restrictions that might affect whether or not you’re allowed to bring alcohol on board.

• Can you get split reservations when booking the bus? Depending on the reason why you’re hiring the party bus in the first place, you might not need to use it the entire day. Well, that’s why you need to know whether the Long Beach party bus company offers split reservations. That way, you can make multiple reservations allowing you to use the vehicle only when you need it.

Tipping Etiquette for The Party Bus Driver

• Is there gratuity included in the overall costs? As the standard in the service industry, your driver should get a 20% tip. That’s why you need to find out whether the gratuity is included in the quote before taking the bus. If you receive an outstanding service, you can tip the driver on your own. However, it’s always advisable to find out what’s included in the estimate before getting it for your event.

• What are the features available in the bus? Do you need the party bus for a road trip out of town with your friends or simply a bachelor party? You need to know the features available in the bus beforehand. For instance, what’s the sound system installed? Is there a beverage package? What’s the lighting system in the bus? If possible, can they add the extra features to the bus before you get for your trip?

• Are you responsible for cleaning the bus once you’re done with your activities or does the company itself handle the cleaning afterwards? How does the company charge for the cleaning and is it mentioned in the quote? When you’re in the vehicle, you need to know what you can or can’t do. Otherwise, extra charges might be imposed on your final bill. Also, make sure you can prevent the damage as much as possible.

• What’s the experience of the driver going for long distances? Do you plan do take back roads or go out of town with the party bus? You need to know beforehand whether the driver has enough experience going out of town or whether one of the guests will have to take over for the driver. Also, if you need the party bus for other activities than the ones stated quote you need to know whether you’re allowed to get it or not.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Party Bus Rental

Hiring a party bus in Long Beach is a good way to have fun with your friends of wedding guests. However, you need to make sure you’re getting the best one.

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