Hollywood Boulevard runs from east to west in LA and for quite a ways, too. You are of course familiar with the Walk of Fame, whether you have seen it in person yet or not. Did you know that the Walk of Fame runs for 15 blocks? The boulevard itself is much longer.

Personally, I have walked the eastern portion of the boulevard only, closer to Sunset Boulevard. What all is there to do when you travel Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles CA? We’ve listed a few below along with transportation options like our party bus rentals in Hollywood, CA.

Party bus rentals in Hollywood, CAEl Capitan Theater

One place you can visit is the El Capitan Theater. Its specific location is 6838 Hollywood Boulevard, and the theater is a great place for a movie and meal experience. The historic theater has been restored throughout the years, and it is a really nice place to visit when you’re looking for thing to do on the boulevard. What better activity to enjoy than seeing a movie in the city where so many movies are made?

Have you heard of the Dolby Theater, also known as Kodak Theater? It’s right nearby El Capitan Theater at 6801 Holllywood Boulevard. If you’re not familiar, this is the venue for The Oscars or The Academy Awards. You get to tour the theater, and you also get to check out the VIP room as well. Imagine getting to be there during The Oscars. People report that the tour takes about a half an hour, so this is a quick stop you can make for some fun on the boulevard.

La La Land Souvenir Shop

La La Land is a great souvenir shop that is on Hollywood Boulevard. Specifically located at 7001 Hollywood Boulevard, La La Land is quite large. Moreover, reviews point to the fact that you can expect decent prices for the souvenirs, which is definitely a plus when it comes to traveling Hollywood. There are all different kind of souvenirs that you’re going to find at La La Land.

When I walked down Hollywood Boulevard, I even posed with my friend in front of a Rolls Royce at a used car lot. There are just so many things you’re going to run into when you travel Hollywood Boulevard and LA in general. The city is spread out, so sometimes it is best to hit a spot that is dense with attractions and just take a walk around. That is what we did, and maybe you could enjoy more the 15 blocks that is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not looking to spend the whole day walking? Contact Party Bus Group Los Angeles to book a ride for a tour of Hollywood Blvd and downtown. We’re located at 2234 Barry Ave #103, Los Angeles, CA 90064 or call us at (213) 423-0715.