Transport Your Guests and Your Brand

Our buses don’t just transport your guests where they want to go, they can also transport your brand to wherever your guests are! Unlike a stationary ad, a moving bus allows you to reach customers all across the city, inevitably catching the attention of tourists and locals, pedestrians and drivers, and of course, your guests and the guests attending your event.

Bus Wraps and graphics give your brand a wide canvas for slogans, event details, social media handles, and more. Having a mobile billboard is one of the most versatile and effective types of media available today, perfect for many established and growing companies! It’s time to move your brand in the right direction and consider branding one of our vehicles for your next special event!

We are partnered with Signarama LB who is our only approved vendor for all graphic design, materials, art installation and removal.


Party Bus Wraps & Custom Graphics
Party Bus Graphics Custom Wrap
Youtube Streamy Awards
Youtube Streamy Awards
Bud Light Party Bus
Bud Light Beer Bus
Tiny Hero Bus
Tiny Hero Party Bus

Price Example based on the LegendXL (a medium size bus: Ford F550 – 28 ft vehicle)

Bronze: Small 8 – 10ft Logo each side

$750 – additional $100 for small back decals.

Silver: Medium 10 – 15ft logo each side

$1000 – additional $150 for medium back decals.

*using Tiny Hero pictures as an example

Gold: Partial bus wrap each side with the option to remove PBG / Elite Logos

$2000 – additional $300 for large back decals.

Optional Removal and reinstallation of PBG decals – $1000

Platinum: Full bus wrap including removal of PBG / Elite Logos

$4000 – additional $500 for back wrap / $500 for front wrap 

Removal and reinstallation of PBG decals – $1000

Please Note – PBG and Elite charge the vehicle hourly rate for installation and removal time of graphics in addition to the pricing above