Wine Tasting

While Los Angeles is widely recognized for its vibrant arts, entertainment, and culinary scenes, not many people realize it’s also within close proximity to some of California’s most revered wineries. 

Whether you’re an oenophile or simply enjoy a good glass of wine, you don’t have to drive far to enjoy some of the finest vintages. Here are some of the best wineries near Los Angeles, complete with unique features, positives, and negatives.

1. Malibu Family Wines

  • Location: 28001 Dorothy Dr Suite 202, Agoura Hills, CA
  • Unique Feature: Outdoor tasting rooms set in the stunning Santa Monica Mountains.
  • Positive: Offers yoga and wine experiences.
  • Negative: Gets crowded on weekends; advanced booking advised.

Sip wine amidst the natural beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains. Malibu Family Wines provides a perfect escape from city life and even offers unique experiences like yoga and wine tasting.

2. Rosenthal – The Malibu Estate

  • Location: 18741 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu
  • Unique Feature: Located just across from the ocean, offering sea views.
  • Positive: Excellent venue for romantic getaways.
  • Negative: Limited food options; consider packing a picnic.

Nothing pairs better with wine than ocean views. Rosenthal offers a scenic tasting experience that’s particularly well-suited for romantic dates.

3. Saddlerock Ranch

  • Location: 32111 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu
  • Unique Feature: Offers wine safaris featuring exotic animals like zebras and llamas.
  • Positive: Unique and adventurous wine-tasting experience.
  • Negative: Higher cost due to the safari experience.

For those looking for a wine-tasting adventure, Saddlerock Ranch offers wine safaris where you can enjoy their wines while interacting with exotic animals.

4. San Antonio Winery

  • Location: 737 Lamar St, Downtown Los Angeles
  • Unique Feature: The oldest winery in Los Angeles.
  • Positive: Offers a full-service restaurant.
  • Negative: Located in a busy industrial area.

If you don’t want to leave the city, San Antonio Winery provides a historic experience. As the oldest winery in Los Angeles, it offers an extensive menu of wines along with a full-service restaurant.

5. Agua Dulce Winery

  • Location: 9640 Sierra Hwy, Agua Dulce
  • Unique Feature: Offers vineyard tours on horseback.
  • Positive: A quieter, less crowded experience.
  • Negative: A bit of a drive from downtown LA, around an hour.

For those who want to combine equestrian interests with wine, Agua Dulce offers vineyard tours on horseback, making it a unique wine-tasting destination.

6. Cornell Winery & Tasting Room

  • Location: 29975 Mulholland Hwy, Agoura
  • Unique Feature: Focuses on promoting local California wines.
  • Positive: Knowledgeable staff, perfect for wine enthusiasts.
  • Negative: No on-site vineyards.

Cornell Winery is more of a traditional tasting room that emphasizes education, perfect for those looking to deepen their knowledge of California wines.

7. Reyes Winery

  • Location: 10262 Sierra Hwy, Agua Dulce
  • Unique Feature: Offers an array of wine and food events.
  • Positive: Great for group activities and events.
  • Negative: Requires advanced booking for many activities.

A bit off the beaten path, Reyes Winery is a great destination for group activities and offers various wine and food events for visitors to enjoy.

8. The Blending Lab

  • Location: 5151 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Unique Feature: Offers wine blending classes.
  • Positive: Interactive and educational.
  • Negative: Does not offer the vineyard experience.

For those who are interested in the craft of winemaking, The Blending Lab offers interactive classes where you can create your own blend.

9. Urban Press Winery

  • Location: 316 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
  • Unique Feature: An urban winery that sources grapes from various California vineyards.
  • Positive: Convenient location.
  • Negative: No scenic vineyards; more of an urban feel.

For those who don’t want to venture far from the city, Urban Press Winery in Burbank provides a range of wines sourced from various renowned vineyards in California.

10. Byron Blatty Wines

  • Location: By appointment only, based in Los Angeles
  • Unique Feature: Focuses solely on Los Angeles County-grown grapes.
  • Positive: Exclusive and unique local wines.
  • Negative: No public tasting room, by appointment only.

For wine aficionados interested in truly local flavors, Byron Blatty specializes in wines made from Los Angeles County-grown grapes, offering a unique and authentic local experience.

What’s the Best Way To Get Around Los Angeles Wineries?

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Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual sipper, there’s a winery near Los Angeles that’s sure to offer an experience tailored to your tastes. Cheers to finding your perfect pour!