View of Downtown Los Angeles

There’s no question that brewery hopping has really started taking off in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. One of the largest cities in the United States and the home of Hollywood, could anyone really believe that L.A.’s beer game wouldn’t be top notch?

There are plenty of options for finding outstanding beer in and around the Los Angeles area and truth be told, there are even dozens of different brewery tours that check out a wide variety of options without ever crossing territory.

There are many people who choose to stick to one general area because of the sheer size of the city, but if you have the time and inclination to see the best Los Angeles Breweries have to offer, make sure to hit up every entry on the following list. If you don’t want to worry about driving either, check out our LA party buses and ride with your entire group!

Cellador Ales

Located in North Hills, there’s no fluff but all substance here. Specializing in fermenting beers in old school oak wine barrels and with a heavy current focus on a wide array of sours and unique mixes, there’s a lot to love about Cellador Ales’s tasting room and the wide variety of very unique taste options they bring to the table. The old school barrels

Eagle Rock Brewery

A surprisingly small option, but the Eagle Rock Brewery has only a few tables and chairs but the ambiance is something special. The thematically named Populist, Manifesto, & Revolution beers are offered throughout the year and are the backbone that maintains an amazing three beers that are always an option as they cycle through an impressive array of seasonal options, as well.

Free tours from the owners take place on the weekend and the few tables and chairs there are the perfect place to enjoy the wide array of board games made available for patrons to enjoy.

Frogtown Brewery

They don’t open until 5pm and they focus on the type of quality craft beer that you are willing to base your night life around. A favorite hangout for food trucks, these guys have exploded in popularity and many craft beer stores across the country have put in orders for the high quality beer with the distinctive logo. An L.A. favorite, they offer a wide variety of different beer styles, flavors, and tastes to offer a little bit of something for everyone.

Angel City Brewery

At home in the Arts District and set up in an incredible century old building that gives a truly old school sense of style, fans of the barebones industrial chic look will love the beautiful old school historical appearance. There are free brewery tours Thursday through Sunday so you can see the brewing process up close before enjoying a unique craft beer in a truly unique location. Angel City also makes for the perfect stop if you’re heading to a Dodger Game.

Dry River Brewing

They pride themselves on “Being makers of slow beer,” this brewery doesn’t mind taking a long time to get the taste just right. Happy to use giant casks and restrain themselves to just a few types of beer, they focus on pouring out quality. Try the Azula, Para Sol, or Lady Roja for some special craft beer tastes you won’t forget.

Include these breweries on your tour and you’ll get the most of your L.A. jaunt.

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