3 Things to Do on a Party Bus in Los Angeles

The reason as to why most people hire party buses is to have fun with friends and family while traveling from one destination to the other. Party buses are spacious and are equipped with various amenities to make the trip fun and exciting such as custom bar, LCD plasma TV, quality sound system and alcoholic drinks. If you are in LA and you want to take a trip on such a luxurious ride, here are 3 things that you can do on a party bus rentals in Pasadena, CA.

Party bus rental in Pasadena, CA1. Wine Tour To Malibu

One of the best things you can do on a party bus in Los Angeles is to take a wine tour to Malibu. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the great Saddlerock Ranch as well as the vineyard. Besides taking a tour on the one thousand acres of land, you also get to an opportunity to see the horse pastures, wildlife, and agriculture practice.

When heading out for a Malibu tour, make sure that you put on comfortable sneakers and sunscreen so that you can have a wonderful experience hiking the wine tours.

While in Malibu, you also get to enjoy Malibu wine safaris, where you get a chance to see and feed various animals such as zebras and donkeys. There are also various scenic spots where you get to enjoy the tasting of red and white wine. After tasting the wine, you get to see the vineyards and other farm animals found in this amazing place.

2. Brewery Tour In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to sixty-five craft beer brewery, that seems to attract not only the locals but the tourists as well. Most breweries do offer a guided tour to its visitors. During the tour, you get to learn more about the brewing process and crafting of beer. Visitors are also given an opportunity to taste the beer as they continue with their tour.

Another brewery tour you can look forward to is the Eagle Rock Brewery. This specific brewery was established in the year 2009. Here, you will get a chance to sample eight of the best beers offered by this brewery. Besides getting a chance to taste different flavors of beer, visitors also get a chance to learn about the brewing process.

3. Go To A Dodger Game

The next stop is to a Dodger game. Getting to the stadium might not be easy because of the traffic, but when riding on a party bus, you do not have to worry about such matters since you will be focused on the great time you are having on this luxurious ride. Furthermore, a game at Dodger Stadium is something that you can enjoy as a group and the party bus will provide all the drinks you need before the game starts.


These are some of the things you can do on a party bus rental in Pasadena, CA. However, when renting a party bus for some of the destinations in LA, make sure that it has everything that you and your group needs, to make your trip fun and memorable. For all of your LA transport needs contact Party Bus Group Los Angeles at (213) 423-0715. You can find us at 2234 Barry Ave Suite 103, Los Angeles, CA 90064.