Party Bus Holiday Light Tour South Orange County

As the holiday season approaches, South Orange County transforms into a winter wonderland, aglow with dazzling Christmas lights. From neighborhood displays to professional setups, the area offers a variety of festive experiences. Here are the six best Christmas light shows in South Orange County that you simply can’t miss!

1. Dana Point Harbor’s IlluminOcean

Dana Point Harbor’s IlluminOcean is a spectacle that brings the magic of the ocean and the holiday spirit together. With over a million LED lights, the display creates an undersea holiday adventure. Life-size whales, sharks, and dolphins made of lights swim through the night, creating a mesmerizing experience for the whole family. The harbor area also offers great dining and shopping, making it a perfect evening outing.

2. Mission Viejo’s Twinkle Light Street

Every year, a street in Mission Viejo transforms into a twinkling paradise. Known locally as ‘Candy Cane Lane’, this neighborhood light show is a labor of love by the residents. Each house is decked out in lights, inflatables, and thematic displays, ranging from traditional nativity scenes to fun cartoon characters. Walking through this street is like stepping into a Christmas storybook.

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3. San Clemente’s Light Tunnel

San Clemente adds a unique touch to its holiday decorations with a light tunnel. This walk-through experience is a cascade of lights creating a tunnel effect, making it a favorite for Instagram-worthy photos. The surrounding area is also decorated, offering a complete holiday atmosphere perfect for an evening stroll.

4. Laguna Hills Magical Light Show

In Laguna Hills, a particular home goes above and beyond each year, presenting a magical light show. This isn’t just a display of lights; it’s a synchronized performance set to holiday music. Visitors can tune into a specific radio frequency from their cars and watch the lights dance in harmony with the music. It’s a drive-by spectacle that brings joy to all who witness it.

5. Aliso Viejo Winter Wonderland

Aliso Viejo’s Winter Wonderland is an annual event that features a stunning display of lights and decorations. The city goes all out with its holiday spirit, creating a space where families can enjoy the festive season. Besides the lights, there are usually activities like snow play areas and visits from Santa, making it a delightful experience for children.

6. Lake Forest Christmas Carnival of Lights

The Christmas Carnival of Lights in Lake Forest is a neighborhood extravaganza. Houses in the area compete for the best-decorated home, resulting in a spectacular display. Each home is uniquely adorned, with themes ranging from classic Christmas to modern holiday trends. The sense of community and cheer is palpable as visitors walk or drive through this festive neighborhood.

Tips for Enjoying the Light Shows

Timing: These displays are typically up from early December through the end of the year. Weekends can be busy, so consider a weeknight visit for a less crowded experience.

Transportation: Consider carpooling or using a party bus rental for a group outing. This not only makes the trip more fun but also eases parking challenges.

Weather: Even in Southern California, evenings can be chilly. Dress warmly, especially if you plan to walk through neighborhoods.

Support Local: Many of these areas have local businesses that you can support. Grab a hot chocolate or a bite to eat to make your outing complete.

Respect the Neighborhoods: Remember, these are residential areas. Be respectful of the property and the neighborhood’s peace.


The holiday season in South Orange County is brightened by these spectacular Christmas light shows. Each offers a unique experience, from oceanic light adventures to neighborhood displays that showcase community spirit. So bundle up, gather your loved ones, and create holiday memories as you explore these twinkling treasures of South Orange County. If you need help arranging transportation, give us a call at Party Bus Group!